Preparation & Expectations

Preparation for Sanding & Coating

  • If building or renovating, the start date for sanding and polishing floors is critical, particularly in relation to other trades.
  • Carpentry, Electrical, Plastering, Plumbing, and Glazing must be completed prior to work on floor can start.
  • Any silicone or silicone based product which comes in contact with the floor after sanding, but prior to final coat will cause rejection of any additional coatings to be applied. Silicone and silicates are often found on the footwear of plumbers and glaziers.
  • It is strongly recommended that all painting except for the final coat on skirting boards be completed, as the edger machine rubs against skirts and may mark them. The final coat may be applied to skirting boards after floors are completed.
  • Kitchen kick boards should be removed in some instances especially if floor is uneven as edger machine can mark them especially if floor is uneven (Whilst all care is taken not to damage to skirting and kick boards, sometimes marks are unavoidable and we take no responsibility for damages to these)
  • Newly installed kitchens should have kick boards installed after floors are completed to avoid damage. (We take no responsibility for damage if they are left on) please speak with you kitchen installer to arrange kick board installation after floors are completed
  • Floors should be sanded before new kitchens are installed to avoid damage from machinery, and coatings applied after kitchen installation. 
  • Carpets should be laid after the floors are completed
  • Unless specifically agreed to, and quoted for, all furniture shall be removed together with all floor coverings including staples, tacks smooth edge etc.
  • Adequate power and lighting is to be available
  • Arrangements for safe and clear access to the site.


What you can expect when your floors are professionally Sanded & Polished

Sanding and finishing a beautiful timber floor is a skill acquired over many years. Bear in mind that, as all the work is done by hand controlled machines and applicators, there can be evidence of this in the floor. Further as you live on the floor it will gain a character and feel that is unique to your home. This is all part of the beauty of owning a timber floor.

  • Expert sanding and coating.
  • Nails punched.
  • Nail holes, large knot holes and gaps at the end of boards to be filled with the appropriate filler.
  • A coating suited to your particular floor that will provide many years of beauty provided it is properly maintained. A thorough explanation  of the works will be explained at the time of the quote
  • A comprehensive quote detailing all work to be carried out will be supplied at the time of the quote
  • Expert sanding and polishing according to the Australian Standards(AS4786) for sanding and finishing floors
  • Nails punched
  • Nail holes, knot holesand gaps at the ends of boards to be filled with the appropriate putty
  • A quality finish that will provide many years of beauty, providing that it is maintained properly
  • A care and maintenance sheet for your reference


What not to expect

  • A completely dust free environment. Modern sanding machinery is fitted with dust collecting equipment and sanders will endeavour to clean dust away by vacuuming and wiping down surfaces. It is virtually impossible however to totally eliminate dust from the job which has a couple of consequences:
    • There will always be some dust particles or bugs that settle on the newly finished surface. These will only be surface and should walk off in a few weeks
    • There will be an amount of dust throughout the rest of the house.
  • Removal of deep cuts such as those from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges in the boards.
  • Removal of stains from within the boards and around nail holes such as animal urine chemical stains  and water marks.
  • Filling gaps between the boards. These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler.
  • Do not expect boards damaged by borer to have the same gloss level as those in good condition.
  • Do not expect any areas filled with putty to have the same feel as the timber after application of coatings.