Care & Maintenance

Like any investment, a beautiful polished timber floor needs ongoing maintenance and care to keep your floor looking beautiful. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of the timber.


How regular you need to clean your floor is totally dependant on the environment the floor is in. Factors such as traffic, grit being walked through the floor, pets, children etc all play a part on the wear of a polished floor.


Shoes carry sand, dirt, stones, which will scuff the floor the same way that sandpaper does.Use of doormats at all entry points will help reduce the amount of dirt and grit being walked on the floors. These doormats need to be cleaned regularly.


Another important factor whilst looking after any timber floor is always minimize dust and dirt that builds up on the floor. Loose grit will damage a timber floor very quickly when walked onto the surface.


The best way to take care of this is to use an Electrostatic Dust Mop. This should be done on a regular basis.


When vacuuming your floor it is very important that the correct tool be used. Salesmen recommend vacuum heads with wheels and brushes hard up against the floor. Overtime wheels will seize and the brushes will become hard which will then scratch the floor.

Damp mopping(not wet) will keep floors looking their best. Do not use detergents or abrasives. We will advise the best solution to suit the particular finish that is used on you floor. It is very important when mopping to leave minimal water on the surface.


Furniture legs need protective felts placed so furniture can be moved without scratching the floor. With furniture it is not the weight, but in fact movement that damages the floor.


High heel shoes will damage any floor surface (even concrete). It is highly advised not to wear high heels on any finished floor.


Like all timber, direct sunlight will cause discolouration over time (unless non yellowing product has been used) To minimize this curtains and blinds should be used.